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Centennial Huelga de Dolores

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The Huelga de Dolores, declared Intangible Cultural Heritage of the Nation, is the comic festival of the students of San Carlos University, with criticism and satire for those who impede the progress of the country.

One year after the Covid-19 pandemic in Guatemala, the exhibition opens to the public in digital and virtual format, having as an annual exhibition variant the commemoration of the 100 Years of the “Chabela” (1921-2021) icon of the student movement. For this reason, the intervention of 11 artists that delight us with their interpretation of the “Santa Chabela” through their works can be seen on the tour. The exhibition is accessible for students and general public with hearing and visual disabilities thanks to the support of the Meritorious Pro-Blind and Deaf Committee of Guatemala through the Interpreter Abdi Ventura.

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